Cardinal x Fallen Minority Division

This Friday we are releasing our Fallen Footwear “Minority Division”collaboration shoe! This is Jamie Thomas’s signature shoe the “Spirit” with custom labeling for only 20 shops world wide! These are very limited and when there gone, there gone.
Thanks to Jamie and Fallen for including us in this project.
Size’s 6-13 $68.95
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New shop boards in stock!

This is how we feel about the city trying to reach further into the pockets of its citizens. You want us no where, and now you want take more of our money for a facility that’s already been paid for. Using the excuse that it helps cover the cost associated with paying for the The Nazi like employees that work there. When you save over 1 million annually by hiring kids and adults who are locked down for “Community Service”.As far as we’re concerned you can fire them! Open the parks up, let us skate them at our own risk and leave us the hell alone. If your really concerned about our safety the instal an emergency phone and a water fountain at the parks. That would save you money too! Or hire people that actually skate and don’t get a personal high by talking down to others.

Art work thanks to Bill Maus